Welcome to the world of fraulein umlaut!

I am Lena, a mammie of three children, originally from Germany but living in Tullamore in Ireland since 2006 with my favourite husband, Gerd.

What I do all day? I look after my children. I feed them proper food, cooked from scratch as well as fast food. I drive them to afternoon activities, love to spend time with them outdoors and command to watch TV or play on tablet and gaming consoles when I need a break. I feed the hens, the dogs, the guinea pigs. I bake and I cook and I love tidying and cleaning (if I find the time).
I do some office work and help running a Virtual Reality Arcade in Tullamore.
I sew and teach sewing and do all sorts of crafts in my workshop in town where I hide from the batshit craziness of our home.
And because I had so much time left on my hands, I’ve started a college course which will hopefully result in a Postgraduate Diploma of Photography.

Oh! And this blog! I started this blog! To share and to reflect on the things we do and how we do them and I hope you enjoy reading and following my daily life and my journey as student mum to becoming a photographer! 🙂

Thank you for visiting!